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One on One Coaching

$197.00 USD

If you’re not sure what you need to do to grow your business online, or you need a plan of action, or just help getting your first Facebook ad together, get in touch for a 1:1 coaching call so you can take action and get it done.

Walk away with an action plan! PRICING IN NZD APPROX: $270 NZD


Let’s chat via video for up to 90 minutes and go over whatever you need help with!

I can help you map out your whole online marketing strategy: Facebook Ad, Funnel, Opt-in, Landing Page. We will identify what isn’t working and what things you need to do to starting generating new customers and growing your business. You will walk away with a plan you can action!

Alternatively, maybe you just need help creating a Facebook ad and understanding the results – let’s get on a call and create your ad and custom audiences together.

You are welcome to use this 90 minute session to cover anything that you specifically need help with.

Walk away with a clear idea of what you need, and an action plan.


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