There Is No “ONE” Secret…

There is no ONE secret to winning Facebook Ads - by Deb Malone

Everybody wants to know “the secret” to creating successful Facebook ads that will give you a return on the money you spend.

There are so many articles and ads we see that claim to show you how to create a “winning” campaign.  So you grab it, have a read, and damn it’s the same thing you read somewhere else – or worse, it says to do the complete opposite of what you just read from another source! Confusing, huh!

So much information out there – what is right, what is wrong… and how the heck do you figure out what really does work when it comes to running Facebook ads?! What is the secret formula?

I’m gonna burst your bubble right now and tell you that you won’t find the answer to that question in any one article, or in any freebie that someone is offering you. In fact, let me tell you now – that there IS NO one secret that anyone can tell you that will change your life or your business with Facebook ads.

The reason for that is because results vary greatly from industry to industry, business to business, and person to person. What works for one, may not work for another, and what works one time, may not work the next time.

But… don’t let that get you down! Because whilst there’s no ONE secret to success with Facebook Ads, there ARE some compelling principles to follow that can influence positive results. Ultimately, it comes down to three things: testing, testing, and testing.

The best part is – all this testing does NOT need to cost you hundreds of dollars! No, sir! You can do it for as little as $5 per day…. and within 2-3 days you can start to gage whether an ad is actually working or not…

If it is – great, scale it … SLOWLY! If it isn’t – trash it and try again!

And if that doesn’t help much, then I have some heartening news. So read on…

First of all, know that it’s entirely possible to be successful and feel confident running Facebook ads.  What’s more, it’s completely possible to get a return on investment – and to run ads that sell out your programs, sell more of your stock, or sell your services to those that need you….

Wanna Get 10x Your Return on Your Facebook Ads?
I'll show you how to laser-focus your targeting so that you target your dream customer!

It’s NOT some pipe dream, it’s entirely possible and I’ve seen this happen for many of my clients and others.

You may not know or understand exactly how to get to that point right now – and that’s totally ok!  You may have tried setting up an ad and feel like you failed…. or maybe you got no response or saw no results…. or maybe you don’t even KNOW if it even worked. And to try it and feel like you failed, just sucks, it can be disheartening and really put you off even bothering to try again.

But here’s something that will help you on your journey…  it’s how I took a clients conversion rate from $10+ per conversion, down to just $1 (in this case, a conversion means getting a name and email on her list). I won’t use fancy words, or explain fancy tactics – just a clear, easy explanation of how I did this. Ready? Let’s go…

So this client was getting conversions to her freebie for upwards of $10 per conversion. That means she was paying $10+ for each person to join her mailing list. Insane, right?!

She asked me to take it over for a month, so I jumped on her account and changed the way they were set up. So I set up a mobile ad, set up a desktop ad (thus optimising them) and I set up the targeting differently – narrowing down the audience using Facebook’s detailed targeting abilities. Doing this got conversions down to around $3-$4 each overnight -so we HALVED the cost of a conversion JUST from changing how they were set up.

Now, obviously I’m not thrilled with a client still spending $3-$4 for each person to join their mailing list…. it’s still a little expensive.

So I went back to the drawing board entirely, and looked at her imaging and her copy. After all – copy sells!

After a lot of thought, I made changes to both – one at a time though! If you change both the image and copy at once, then you don’t know what wasn’t working.  So I rewrote the ad – while keeping her target audience in mind….I wrote specifically to that one woman we were trying to reach (her ideal customer). After that, I then changed the imaging – after all, it’s the image that initially captures the attention. With those changes, we got the conversion cost down to $1.86 per conversion!

Much better!  But I like to get it under $1 where possible – especially when it’s running to a valuable freebie.

So this time, I further tested the targeting, changed it entirely actually – again, keeping her ideal customer in mind, and who this person might be. The final results?  We got them down to $1.02 per conversion!

Nailed it!

You see, you gotta keep in mind that because Facebook Ads work as an auction – there’s a certain number of advertising spaces available because Facebook doesn’t want it’s users to only see ads…..

…. so to get those spots, you have to bid over your competitors to get them….

If you only have a few competitors, great, you’ll get them cheaper. But if you have a lot – it’s gonna drive the prices right up.

And when that’s the case, you need to really know how to set up your ads, target your ideal customer, and nail the copy and imaging!

It really is just a process of elimination… and testing, testing, testing – and you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to do that!

I hope this has given you some clear insight into the compelling principles that influence the success of an ad.

Thanks for stopping by.
Deb Malone - Facebook Ads & Sales Funnel Specialist, Hawkes Bay, NZ


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Wanna Get 10x Your Return on Your Facebook Ads?
I'll show you how to laser-focus your targeting so that you target your dream customer!
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